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High-density SMT Connectors
23 Sep 15
Erni Electronics has expanded its 0,8 mm MicroStac SMT connector series to include antimagnetic versions with 12 pins (single-row) and 54 pins (dual-r...
Capacitors for Wind Power Plants
27 Aug 15
FTCAP is a specialist producer of aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors, in small to medium batch quantities. While 50% of their pro...
German quartz specialist visits key SA defence customers
14 Aug 15
German manufacturer of quartz crystal components, KVG, recently sent its vice president of sales, Jürgen Müller, to South Africa to visit key customer...
Acquisition invigorates longstanding Dowson & Dobson legacy
04 Aug 15
After more than a century of being recognised as a market-leading supplier of world-class industrial products and aftersales service solutions, D...
Simco-Ion XC2 blower, replaces the XC
23 Jun 15
Simco-Ion XC2 blower, replaces the XC The Aerostat XC2 Extended Coverage Ionizing Blower is designed to meet a variety of applicati...
Antistatic flooring at Microtronix
08 Jun 15
Antistatic flooring at Microtronix   Founded in 1993 Microtronix Electronic Contract Manufact...
New tactile switch from knitter-switch
28 Apr 15
Standard tactile switch from knitter-switch now also available with ground contactknitter-switch, one of Europe’s leading switch manufacturers, announ...
Electrostatic Discharge
29 Jan 15
Electrostatic Discharge What is ESD? Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is the transfer of electrostatic charge between two objects caused by contac...
Torque-Limiting Card-Lok Retainers
25 Nov 14
Latest advances provide optimized performance f...
BEE Status: Level 2 contributor
19 Nov 14
Actum Electronics has recently completed their current year BEE audit and are happy to announce that they have been issued a level 2 rating. Clic...
PCA Stress Management Kit
07 Nov 14
The PCB Stress Measurement Kit PCAS-1000A from Kyowa is suitable for efficient quality control or quality assurance for PCBs. The kit comes with a spe...
Single Board Computer Case
04 Nov 14
Minipac from Schroff is a handy, small case which is as variable as customers’ requirements. It can mount on a wall, mounting plate or DIN rail an...
Gyro-Stat Bench Top Turntable
12 Sep 14
Introducing the Gyro-Stat Bench Top TurntableThe Gyro-Stat Bench Top Turntable allows an operator to rotate (bidirectional) heavy, large or awkward as...
Rosenberger Communication Systems
12 Sep 14
Reliable communication systems have become a part of our daily life that is taken for granted. As the leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions w...
Illuminated switches offering many variations
26 Jun 14
Illuminated switches offering many variations….Light frequently plays an important role in appliance design – be this in the form of lighting for or...
ERNI Product News
28 May 14
For latest ERNI Product News. Please click here.
Cell C chooses Actum to install ESD flooring
20 May 14
Cell C chooses Actum to install ESD flooring23 April 2014, Dataweek NewsLeading mobile provider, Cell C, recently moved into new headquarter...
Rosenberger PRIZM Light Turn
17 Mar 14
Rosenberger PRIZM Light Turn High Speed Fiber Optic Transmission - directly at the PCBNo more limitations from PCB copper strip linesConstantly increa...
Actum installs ESD flooring at TUB
11 Oct 13
Actum Electronics recently installed 380 m² of SD (static dissipative) flooring in the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing area at TUB’s new off...
ERNI Double row connector
24 Jun 13
Double-row connectorsERNI is expanding its MaxiBridge cable connector system with a double-row version. The new 20-pin connector with a current carryi...
Torque-limiting PCB retainers
24 Jun 13
The Calmark Series 223 and 224 Card-Lok PCB retainers from Schroff incorporate a patent-pending torque l...
Actum News January 2013
02 Apr 13
Multiport Mini-Coax Connectors and Cable Assemblies       Rosenberger has developed a wide range of Multiport Mini-Coax produ...
Souriau TRIM TRIO UTS Series
02 Apr 13
Plastic waterproof connectorExtreme sealing performances: Dynamic IP68/69K and sealed unmated (UTS Hi seal version)Rapid and sec...
Introducing Laird Technologies
07 Feb 13
Introducing... As the global leader in providing high quality technological innovative solutions to a variety of industries, Laird Technologies is al...
ESD News
18 Oct 11
Electrostatic Discharge   ESD is a spark, a micro lightning bolt which passes from one charged conducti...
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